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Family of Boots
Owner Profile

TJ began his career in Agriculture back on his family's farm in Eastern Kansas. He drove his first rake at age 4, he became to mower guy of all their family's hay at age 8, and the main baler operator when he started HS.  From then... there have been many turns, but his passion for excellence and his ability to create & cultivate is unchanged.

Introducing BORN 2 FARM...

We are excited for 2019 and have high expectations!!!


If you know any young men and women who are interested in pursuing life in the Ag sector, we are asking you to share us with them.


Our Mission for 2019 is to encourage these beginners with wisdom and truth to accelerate them into a successful start in a business they love.


Over the years of baling hay, TJ has operated 'every baler under the sun...' ...some of them he loved but others he only tolerated.  The way TJ has always operated machinery is not only to best of his ability but he always pushes the machine to operate at it's best also. 


Sometimes that means learning the machine and working with it...

Sometimes that means fabricating or modifying the way the machine works to make it operate well in our business...  

This project was different...

This baler is not a modified version of something already being manufactured...

This baler is a ONE OF KIND... 

Designed by our very own, TJ Steele...


Steele kids.jpg

How Favor 5 Got It's Name

Jan 2019 - Team Blog


Favor 5 Ag Innovations was founded by TJ & Rebekah Steele. They are the best kind of people: gifted, strong-willed, extremely experienced, and genuinely good people! They both are proud Kansans and passionate about their K-State purple!  (For Bios of our Favor 5 Owners Click Here).  

When you look beneath the surface, you will find balers, mowers, shredders, & grinders... but at the foundation of FAVOR 5 AG INNOVATIONS is a FAMILY.  Specifically you'll find 5 children: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Edythe, Abigail, & Titus.

Edythe & Cat.jpg

Out the Kitchen Window

Dec 2017 - Rebekah Steele


As I passed by the kitchen window, I caught sight of Edythe scooping up a reluctant cat. I watched, half fearful for the cat, half hoping to observe my wild child in a tender moment. She cuddled it close as she swayed, and I relaxed. Before I could even finish my thought of "Oh, she's being sweet!", she tossed the cat to the ground, yelled "POTATOES!" at it, and chortled gleefully as she stomped away.

FAVOR 5 generic logo.png
In the beginning...

Genesis starts in this way, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."  The "Beginning" of anything is so important because it's foundational.  Later in the first chapter of the Bible, God gave specific directions to the First True Father and to The Original Woman to "multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion over it."  Our aim is first fulfilled as a family and then as a business.  Our Faith is Foundational to who we are as both.  We are the Steele's & we are Favor 5 Ag Innovations!

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